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We preach self-respect, self-love and facing your darkness so you can live in the light. Let’s make life beautiful. 🌻


 Girl, You’re Not Broken.

You’re Healing. You’re rising.

And You know how to create the life of your dreams.

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My name is Abbey.

I’m a women’s empowerment coach, healer and modern day priestess and I am committed to showing women how to step into their power, own their worth and deeply heal their lives to create a life wildly aligned with their dreams.

If you’ve been wondering why you keep repeating the same patterns, why things keep showing up the same way in your life and you’re wondering where to go next or whether you just don’t know how to live the good life, I’m here to tell you that you do.

You’ve been ready for this your whole life.

These patterns aren’t showing up for no reason, they’re here to help you uplevel into the best version of you.

You’re not broken, you’re rising.

The thing is, girl, you’ve been looking in the wrong places.

All this time, you’ve been looking outside of yourself for the purpose, love and healing that you desire so deeply, when in reality YOU are your own healer.

You don’t need to go anywhere else to look for answers, you don’t need to go anywhere else to heal.

You need to go home.



We have an epidemic in our culture.

It’s one that is generational, fast-spreading, subconscious and invisible, but it is ever-present in all areas of our lives.

It’s trauma.

The truth is, it doesn’t just affect those who have experienced incredible pain in their lives or their childhoods, it affects all of us on some level.

Even the littlest moment can affect the rest of our lives.

Those moments that hurt the most may not have looked like a scene from a horror movie, but to our young hearts they wounded us deeply.

And it’s time for them to be acknowledged.

Because it affects every area of our lives.

Trauma is not an outside wound, it doesn’t look like a scar or a gash, but it hurts us and every area of our lives just as much as a physical wound.

We walk around in our lives everyday pretending, not acknowledging the pain, and then wonder why certain patterns are showing up in our lives.

It is completely, utterly insane.

And yet, it is present in every layer of our society.


It is time for us to stop.

Stop pretending things are okay when they’re not.

Stop having surface level conversations with each other.

Stop floating through life ignoring the things that are weighing us down.

It is time for us to heal.

It is time for us to uplevel into a higher awareness of who we are and start to own our stories of pain, and use them for our greatest empowerment.

It is time for us as women to acknowledge the generational patterns of trauma and step into our inner priestess selves to stop the cycle.

It can end with you.

Are you ready to be the change in your own life?

Are you ready to be your own healer?

Are you ready to be a priestess?

3 Pillars of Priestesshood

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Radical Belonging

In priestesshood, it all belongs. Every piece of yourself you thought you needed to hide, those places that keep you small and those places that you’ve come to believe are simply “unlovable”, they all belong. They are all a part of your empowerment journey, they can all be used for your greatest healing, empowerment and lead you towards your best life. It’s a lie that you have to let them hold you back and it’s also a total lie that you cannot wrap them up in a balm of your own self-love.

You can, and it starts with your choice to see yourself as whole, not broken. Transforming, not a mess. Healing, not held back in captivity to the past. Belonging to yourself, not to this world or to anyone else or anything else in your past.

You belong to yourself first and foremost, before anything else in this world. It’s time to own it, darling!

But most of all, YOU belong. All of you, darling. No holding back.


Radical Healing

A priestess is someone who knows she’s worthy of her best life. This also means she’s someone who’s committed to her transformational path. She’s unafraid to go into the dark places in her life, face her triggers and face her pain, because she knows that this is how she can facilitate deep healing in all areas of her life. She knows that this transformation is what will enable her to pursue the life she desires by fully stepping into what is meant for her in life, by pursuing her healing path.

You see, priestess, the secret isn’t in the destination. It’s in the journey.

A priestess knows that her transformation is never ending, because the healing path will always continue on, but she also knows that this in itself is a magical gift, because it enables her to always be stepping into the best version of herself no matter what. Her healing is her empowerment, and her past is her gateway to the life she truly wants to live, beyond her wildest dreams.

That’s why she invites in her emotions. She invites in the pain, the triggers, the hard things in life. Because she knows that they are her pathways back to herself, she knows that they empower her to go within to create her best life in the here and now.


Radical Sisterhood

This last pillar of priestesshood speaks to all women everywhere. No matter if you’ve always been the one who never got a seat at the table, or you’re the one changing the game by creating space for your sisters, priestesshood is about recognizing the inherent power of women to come together for good. To come together for empowerment, high-level growth and expansion. To share, to laugh, to cry and to do life together, embracing the pain along the way just as much as the empowerment that comes alongside it.

This sisterhood is deep. It’s not for the ones who want surface level conversations, it’s not for the small talkers. This is for real, raw women who are ready to grow together alongside one another, celebrating each other’s successes and sitting with one another through the hard times.

This is not for the faint of heart, this is for sisters ready to go deep.

Priestesses facilitate space for deep healing and fellowship through simply being themselves, knowing their worth and inviting others to do the same.

As women learn how to step into their power, they naturally invite others around them to do the same. This is the power of the movement, this is the reason Priestess Collective was created.


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