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Hey Girl!

I’m Abbey.

A women’s empowerment mentor, spiritual life coach, business mentor and all around encourager. I live in Raleigh, North Carolina and I’m a lover of all things flowers, vintage, and I’m spiritual AF.

I’ve made it my mission to help women manifest their dream business & life through mindset and energy work.

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priestess radio

On my podcast, I talk all things spirituality, mindset and business, helping you to #makebusinessyourartistry. If you’re a spiritual AF babe looking to make business feel fun, spiritual and soul-led, then this is the podcast for you! New episodes come out every Sunday and Wednesday. Take a listen today on your favorite platform.

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Creator’s Playlists

If you’re anything like me then you love a good creative playlist. I’ve created a Spiritual Creator’s Playlist for people like myself, who are spiritual AF and love some good heart-centered songs to listen to while they’re creating and moving through daily life. In honor of my old soul, inner grandmother and vintage-inspired self, I also decided to create a Vintage Creator’s Playlist for the old soul in all of us that you can feel free to create your most beautiful work by, whilst still honoring the inner grandmother inside! :) I’m constantly adding to these playlists, so check in with them often to hear the ways they’ve grown and feel free to message me if you have an old-style/spiritual song you like that you want to be added. Share what you create with the playlists on socials using the hashtags #vintagecreatorsplaylist or #spiritualcreatorsplaylist.

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 On the Blog

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